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Active Treatment/Transitional Nurse

Regular Part-Time
Job ID
Three week days 4p-8p and every other weekend 11:30a-8p; alternating holidays; 20 hours/week


An Active Treatment nurse bears full responsibility for the quality of health care he/she provides to the residents at Seven Hills Pediatric Center.  An Active Treatment nurse may delegate nursing activities to assigned health care personnel.  The delegating active treatment nurse shall bear full responsibility to obtain appropriate assignment for planned activity; review resident status with team nurse, communicate and coordinate care of residents; monitor status of residents involved in activities; adequately teach, direct and supervise the delegate(s); nursing care of residents during activities that may include, but is not limited to, assessments, g-tube feeding, medications, responding to resident alarms, monitoring seizure activity, monitoring respiratory status; ensure safe return of residents (pulse ox, vent) to nursing units or bedrooms as directed by the team nurse; supervise the Activities/Active Treatment staff on the evening shift and on weekends and holidays; and actively participant in evening and weekend field trips.An Active Treatment nurse provides quality care to children and young adults in accordance of the Nurse Practice Act of Massachusetts.


Conveys through nursing practice a clear sense of the role and identity.

Contributes to individualized active treatment plan of care in which needs are identified and achievable goals are set.

Implements nursing care plan in an organized manner; establishes and reorders priorities as needed. Evaluates outcomes of basic nursing interventions. Incorporates the prescribed medical regimen into the nursing plan of care.

Administers medications and treatments safely according to established nursing practice.

Systematically assesses the resident’s basic health status, records and related health data. Recognizes changes or trends in patient status.

Participates in analyzing and interpreting data and making informed judgments as to the specific elements of nursing care, using appropriate resources and NP/MD consultation.

Participate in the health teaching required by the family and other responsible parties.

Deliver care that is consistently reflective of the standards of care at Seven Hills Pediatric Center.

Collaborate, cooperate and communicate with other health care providers to ensure quality and continuity of care.

Delegates responsibilities for the performance of selected resident care activities to assistive personnel within the established delegation framework and provides appropriate supervision. Ensure that all nursing personnel assigned to you comply with the written policies and procedures established by this facility.

Make a written and oral report/recommendation concerning the activities of your shift as required.

Complete accident/incident reports as necessary. Appropriately notify/inform supervisory staff.

Chart nurse’s notes in an informative and descriptive manner that reflects the care provided to the resident, as well as the resident’s response to the care. Report all discrepancies noted concerning physician’s orders, diet, charting error, etc., to the Nursing Supervisor.

Sign and date all entries made in the resident’s medical record.

Responds to complaints and grievances made by family or responsible parties. Report to nursing supervisor as necessary. Follow Seven Hills at Groton grievance policy.

Consult with the resident’s physician in providing the resident’s care, treatment, etc., as necessary. Notify the resident’s attending physician when the resident is involved in an accident or incident.

Review the resident’s chart for specific treatments, medication orders, diets, etc., routinely to stay adequately informed of resident’s status.

Notify the resident’s team nurse or attending physician when there is a change in the resident’s condition.

Inspect the nursing service treatment areas daily to ensure that they are maintained in a clean and safe manner.

Administer skilled nursing intervention such as, catheterization, tube feedings, suction, trach care, stoma care, applying and changing dressings/ bandages, packs and range of motion exercises, care for the dead and dying, etc., as required.

Use restraints when necessary and in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Take and record TPR’s, blood pressures, etc., as necessary and interpret results. Collect data from nursing assistants and interpret.

Provide care for seriously ill residents as necessary.

Order, per guidelines and/or recommend to the Nursing Supervisor, the equipment and supply needs of your unit/shift or assigned resident.

Assist in arranging transportation for residents as necessary.

Operate nursing service equipment in a safe manner. Obtain appropriate orientation to all new equipment.

Utilize nursing service supplies in a cost efficient manner to avoid waste.

Interact with residents and their families in a compassionate, nonjudgmental and humanistic manner that preserve and protects resident and family autonomy, dignity and rights.

Develop an awareness of the therapeutic relationship.

Appropriately notify Social Services of any needs of the


Licensure to practice as an RN in Massachusetts is required.


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